With the growing popularity of traveling and living overseas, more people are looking for ways to obtain a visa. With more countries becoming involved in online travel booking, it can be difficult to find information on what is required for obtaining a visa from each country. This article will breakdown the Indian Visa Eligibility requirements and guide you through the process of selecting your documents.

What Is An Indian Visa?

Indian visa eligibility is determined by a person’s nationality and residency status. Indian nationals must have a valid passport, visa application form, and one photo to be eligible for an Indian visa. The applicant must also demonstrate that they will not become a burden on the government while in the country. Some of the requirements for an Indian visa are as follows: Indian Visa Documents Required

-Passport with at least six months validity

-Visa application form

-One recent color photograph

-Copy of passport or driver’s license

-Proof of residence (if required)

-Bank statement or other financial document showing funds available to cover stay in India

Indian Visa Eligibility Requirements

The Indian visa eligibility requirements are quite straightforward and require only a few documents to prove your identity and citizenship. The most important document you’ll need is your passport, which must be valid for at least six months from the date of your desired travel to India. Other required documents include your identification card (such as a driver’s license), a recent photo, and proof of income (if traveling on a tourist visa). You may also be required to provide proof of your residence in India (for example, a utility bill or lease agreement). If you are traveling with children, you will also need to provide documentation proving their relationship to you, such as birth certificates or proofs of guardianship. Indian Visa Eligibility

Once you have collected all the necessary documents, it’s time to check if you meet the Indian visa eligibility requirements. In general, all foreign nationals wishing to enter India for tourism purposes are eligible for a tourist visa. However, there are some exceptions that may apply depending on your nationality and the purpose of your visit. For example, citizens of some countries (such as Canada) must obtain an E-visa prior to travel if they intend to stay in India for more than 60 days. Nationals of certain countries who hold diplomatic passports are also exempt from the tourist visa requirement and can travel to India without having first obtained a visa.

If you don’t meet one of the abovementioned criteria but still wish to travel to India, you may be able to apply for an e-Visa

Indian Visa Documents Required

Indian nationals need a visa to travel to the United States. The categories of Indian nationals who require a visa are as follows:

-Permanent residents of India who are not citizens: A permanent resident of India is a person who has been granted Permanent Resident status by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS). This means that the individual has been granted permission to live and work in the US for an extended period of time. To qualify for a visa, permanent residents must show that they will use their stay in the US for purposes other than tourism or business. The most common reasons for seeking a visa are to study or work in the US.

-Citizens of India: Citizens of India are people who have been born in India, have Indian citizenship, and meet one of the following criteria: -They are present in the US on an approved student visa, worker visa, residence permit, parolee or similar type of permit

-They have applied for and received a Certificate of Eligibility (COE) from the DHS which confirms that they are eligible for a nonimmigrant visa

-They are paroled into the US as refugees or asylees

-They have an Alien Registration Receipt Card (ARRC) issued by DHS which certifies their lawful presence in the US

To qualify for a visa, citizens of India must meet all of these requirements: -Be present in the US on an approved document


The Indian visa eligibility requirements can be quite confusing for someone new to the process. To make it a little easier on you, this article will go over the mandatory documents that you will need to provide when applying for an Indian visa. Additionally, we will discuss some of the less common requirements that are still considered necessary in order to qualify for an Indian visa. So if you are planning a trip to India anytime soon, be sure to familiarize yourself with these important details!

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