My Singing Monsters is an insanely fun and addictive game, but mastering everything from breeding monsters to maximizing coins can take some strategy. In this guide, let’s explore useful tips and tricks that will have you playing My Singing Monsters Tips like a pro.

Whether you’re just starting out or are already an experienced monster master, these tips will help you improve your islands and get the most enjoyment out of playing!

Essential Tips for Monster Breeding

Breeding new monsters is central to expanding your islands. Here are breeding tips to success:

  • Use element-matching monsters -getElements required for the monster you want.
  • Level up parent monsters – Higher levels increase breeding success rates.
  • Upgrade breeding structures – Higher levels dramatically help.
  • Activate torches and enhancers – Temporary boosts improve breeding odds.
  • Be patient – Some rare monsters take many tries over time.

Follow those guidelines, and your monster collection will be flourishing!

Strategies for Arranging Your Island

How you arrange your island impacts monster happiness. Try these arrangement tips:

  • Group monsters by element type.
  • Position monsters near their preferred decorations.
  • Ensure paths are spacious enough between structures.
  • Place likes, keys, and food sources centrally.
  • Fill all available beds before upgrading islands.

With smart layouts, your monsters will be smiling and singing in no time!

Tips for Optimizing Coins and Resources

Managing coins wisely enables efficient breeding. Here are money-saving tips:

  • Only collect coins fully grown.
  • Remove obstructions and complete goals for diamonds.
  • Watch ads for free diamonds to speed up breeding.
  • Strategically spend diamonds on retries and structures vs speeding up.
  • Take advantage of tribal events and monthly promotions.

Those strategies will keep your coin cash flow pumping!

Creative Ideas for Decorating Your Islands

Decorating your islands with fun themes helps create unique style. Decoration tips:

  • Use colors and items that fit the island’s element.
  • Build structured patterns and symmetry.
  • Add thematic decorations that visually tell a story.
  • Change up sections to avoid repetitive overload.
  • Frame and accent key structural areas like breeding zones.

With colorful creativity, you can build your dream island paradise!

Frequently Asked Questions

How often should I check back on the game?

Ideally every few hours to collect income and set new breedings.

What should I spend diamonds on?

Save for important things like tribal island unlocks and retry breeding failures.

How do I restart or reset the game?

Unfortunately there is no official way to reset your islands.

Can I suggest new features to the developers?

Yes! Contact them through the My Singing Monsters site or social media.

What is the best way to organize my monsters?

Group by element for happiness, and rare/special variants together.


With these useful tips and strategies for everything from breeding to decorating, you’re ready to excel at My Singing Monsters! Just remember patience and smart resource management are key. Apply these tips, have fun designing your dream islands, and your monsters will make beautiful music in no time. Happy monstering!

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